And another one by leiCa. Enjoy. 🙂

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Please give our Guest-Author leiCa a warm welcome and enjoy her story.

This little oneshot (hereinafter referred to as LiOn) parked itself in my head and wouldn’t let go. So I gave it a try. And because LiOn refused to speak German I had to do it in English (again). That caused Sam and Cokie a lot of work. So I want to shout out a big fat *Thank You* to both ladies, they made LiOn readable with their input, ideas and corrections. They made LiOn way better. Just one thing I refused to change. Although they made it very clear that they do NOT like it. Not one bit. They told me again and again. And again. And the next day again. This idea, this thing stayed. Kinda.


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A Wrinkle in Time 17


We won’t bore you with why this chapter is so darn late. Just know, that we have not abandoned this story. And we hope real-life will allow us to work more on what we love. But at the moment, it takes up most of our time, and we only can squeeze the one or other hour of writing in.

Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun part. Right now, it unfortunately does. So, please be patient, this story will continue.

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A Wrinkle in Time 15


Dear readers, as some of you who follow my main blog already know, my dad passed away a bit over a week ago. As you can imagine updating a story isn’t a priority at the moment.

But we also know that some of you are eagerly awaiting a new chapter. So, for all of you who support us with your reviews, this chapter is for you. Thanks for your support.

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A Wrinkle in Time 14


This chapter is being delivered later than we had planned, and it is also a bit shorter than most, but we wanted to have something to you this week.  It seems that while we have a LOT of this story written, most of it is for future chapters.  We had to reposition ourselves and get our team back in the here and now!   We hope you enjoy.

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