Steve’s New Ride


A/N As soon as I saw the picture of McG’s new ride, I knew I had to write something about it. I hope you will enjoy this very short story.

And no, we haven’t forgotten our Story “A Wrinkle in Time”. The conclusion will be up soon.

As always, a thank you to Cokie, for a quick check. And to Sunny for a quick search. 😉

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Author Notes: I have been thinking about this since the episode aired but just couldn’t get my thoughts together when staring at the computer. So, late one night, I decided it was going to simply be a conversation, or sort of like a letter. I sat down with my notebook and a pencil and fleshed it out.

It set for several days until I decided to type it up and send it to Sam for review. She quickly sent it back with some really good changes and this has quickly finalized. I’ve said it before, but whenever I receive a story back from her, it ALWAYS comes back better. Thank you, Sam for that and also for the cool cover pics. I love them and I love knowing that Steve was wearing Joe’s coat. Like Joe still had Steve’s back.

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Three Doors

This little story came to me over night, then it knocked and knocked and knocked and I had to get it out of my mind before I could go on writing on my main story. Pretty annoying, I can tell you.

A big THANK YOU to Cokie for her input and corrections! I promise from now on I will use the word ‘spoken’ more often. Truth spoken here! leiCa


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A Wrinkle in Time 19


A Wrinkle in Time – Chapter 19

The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific was vast.  And somber. On the drive up the mountain through non-descript neighborhoods, one would never have guessed it was nestled in the crater at the top. Green grass with white stones dotted the landscape, and from the vantage point on top of the crater, the view of the city below was staggering.

He stood apart from the others, his back ramrod straight in his dress blues, his cover keeping his face in shadow. Taps had been played while the flag had been folded and presented to the family.

The service was over and he remained quiet and motionless; his only movement had been when he walked away from the rest of the mourners to stand alone. His friends were concerned for him. Losing a friend was hard enough, but they knew this pair had been more than friends. The team knew this was a hard blow. One they hoped he could move past.

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Update on Wrinkle


Hi guys! Yes, we are still working on this story. 😊 You should read up on chapter 18, because number 19 will be posted this week.

We took a long timeout, but are now back with more stories to come. We haven’t abandoned Five-0, or any of our stories. Wrinkle will be finished before Christmas.

So, we hope to see you this week for the latest chapter on “A Wrinkle In Time”.