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A/N:  I just wasn’t ready for 8.20 to he finished so I gave Steve and Catherine my own ending.  Friendship can have many different meanings… Continue reading


Coming tomorrow

New chapter

Dear readers,

as hard as it is to believe, chapter 18 will be posted tomorrow. Yes, really.

We just thought we would let you all know, so that you have the chance to maybe re-read chapter 17 to remember what has already taken place.

We know that it seems like forever since we posted our last chapter, but the last year has been very trying. But as we have always said, we will never leave a story unfinished.

And now we’re back in business. So, be warned. 😉

Thank you for your patience.
Sam and Cokie

8.09 Tag-Scene


A little Christmas gift from Cokie. Enjoy. Oh, and one more thing, if anyone can think of a title, let us know. …Sam

Finally this season, a show got me to think about missing scenes and this came to me shortly after the episode aired.

Thanks to both Sam and LeiCa for their input and changes. I appreciate all their help. …Cokie

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